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We're Here To Help You Save Time and Money On Your Bachelor's Degree

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We are here to help you graduate quicker and cheaper from any school of your choice. We want to make college more affordable for everyone.

– The Rapid Graduates Team

Think of our course as a shortcut to your degree. You attend the university of your choice. You graduate like you normally would. Mostly everything is the same but our team helps you graduate quicker and cheaper. We cover countless subjects that pertain to graduating quicker while saving money.

Once you purchase the course personalized for you, you will be given the knowledge it takes to complete college quickly… and we guarantee it. Buyers of the course are eligible to refer friends, family, and anyone who needs the course. You receive $200 for each person you refer with no limits. Check out the referrals page for more information.

Our guarantee is that any student who purchases the course will have the knowledge to save at least $7,000 and two years. Our team also stands ready to assist if necessary. Just do a quick search of Rapid Graduates and you will see that we have been mentioned in countless places and the reason is because we are changing lives.

Course user or not, everyone is encouraged to apply for the Rapid Graduates scholarship. It’s free and it’s your chance to win cash. Anyone and everyone can apply including students that are not from America. There are no fewer than 300 winners annually.


We help with applications, letters, essays, and much more. This is a perk included with the course. Rapid Graduates does not directly connect with admissions of any university. We simply do our best to make applicants stand out. 

 We do not encourage anyone to purchase our course for this purpose only as we do not guarantee admissions. Keep in mind you are not bound to a particular university with our course so you can choose any university of your choice. Our personalized course will help you graduate quickly with an affordable degree.

Rapid Graduates is not a university. We are an educational consulting company.

We bridge our knowledge to students to go to the universities they love while avoiding tens of thousands of dollars and 4+ long years. 

Most people can not fully afford the cost of college. What’s more unfortunate is that most students leave with more than $30,000 in debt.

The average students takes longer than 4 years to graduate. There are countless examples of students not finishing college because of various factors. Even if a student does not complete college, they still have to pay back any loans they took out.

We have had students graduate in 8 months from our guidance spending less than $10,000. RapidGraduates covers everything students need to know to get through college without getting into debt… from the EXACT same universities they already love and plan on attending. We seek to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible. You choose any university of your choice. Our course and team helps you graduate quicker and cheaper.

There is a reason why we have been featured in countless media outlets across the country. Our solution is changing lives.

International students who visit the US physically can benefit from the course. International students who take college classes online in their home countries from American universities can benefit from the course.

Absolutely! Make sure you apply today. Good luck!

No purchase necessary.

When everything is taken out of the equation except the cost of schooling, expect to save at least 20-75% the cost. An average person takes longer than 4 years to graduate. The normal time is 5-6 years. We cut that in half with 1-3 years being normal.

Absolutely not.
Our course is here waiting for you to complete on your own terms. Rapid Graduates’ team of educators are ready 24/7 to offer mentorship as well if needed. Feel free to purchase now and utilize whenever. 

This varies by user. 

Most students take a few weeks to fully complete everything. We have had some complete it in a week. Our lectures are created professionally with simplicity.

If you are underclassmen, this can be very beneficial for you. We have helped students in your situation save money and time. We do not advise upperclassmen to purchase our course because graduation is right around the corner. We do advise that you apply for our scholarship.

We understand how important college choices are for you and that there may be family and/or cultural roots that may compel you to attend a specific university. We strongly encourage you to follow your dreams and attend the universities you already plan on attending… we simply help you graduate quickly, alleviate debt, and save tons of money.

Please make sure you are going  to school for a bachelor’s degree. Our course is not for any other type of degree.

We guarantee students who complete this course will have the knowledge it takes to complete college saving at least $7,000 and two years. An absolute majority of students save far more than this. The average student saves over $35,000 on their bachelor’s degree.

We have also had plenty of students make thousands by referring their friends and family to the course through our referrals program. If you refer just 3 people, you are essentially getting the course free. We also award scholarships throughout the year so be sure to apply. You could be a winner!

You just make a one time payment, and you will have immediate access. 

There are no payment requirements either for referrals. All that is needed is for them to purchase the course. There is only one fee and that fee is the course fee.

Before Rapid Graduates was formed, we primarily helped high school students and community college students learn how to graduate quickly and cheaply with a bachelor’s degree. We currently have staff here that are affiliated with universities across the nation to make sure we provide the best course possible. Our organization does not interfere with admissions. 

This course is specially designed for anyone who wants to get a bachelor’s degree but not spend 4 (or more) long years in college or tons of money.

We understand that there are many people who have been to college to only drop out and contemplate returning but we all know life gets in the way. There are many people who skip college but later decide to get a degree but with a full-time job and a family to maintain, it’s a no brainer why few can make time for it. Moreover, there are many high school students who will not receive scholarships and believe student loans are the only option. We totally get it. 

We do not at this time. We strongly recommend those aspiring to get associate degrees to consider our course. An associates degree program normally takes longer than two years but an absolute majority of students that take our course complete college in around two years and save tens of thousands of dollars… with a bachelor’s degree.

Regardless of your academic decisions, we do encourage you to apply for our scholarship. You could win and this money could go towards your associates degree if you so desire.

We have helped plenty of aspiring nurses pursue their dreams. This program will greatly benefit anyone who need a bachelors degree including those aspiring nurses, engineers, teachers, biologists, etc. You name it, our course and team of experts have a solution to help you get through college quickly and save tons of money.

We believe in making the cost of college more affordable for everyone. We also believe in being the example. There are countless courses of many niches charging students thousands of dollars. We strongly believe that every individual has the right to an affordable degree regardless of background. For around half the price of a normal college course, you get access to our team and access to a course personalized for you to help you graduate quickly and cheaply. Not to mention, you can refer as many people as you want and earn $200 for each person!

We donate a part of our profits to charities and non profit foundations.

In the past before we formed Rapid Graduates, we primarily worked with high school students and community college students to save them money on their bachelor’s degree. We decided to make a personalized and professional course to help anyone and everyone… not only specific groups. 

We want this to be affordable for everyone.

Promotions occur from time to time. Promotions will be on the checkout page so everyone who visits can take advantage of them instead of a select few.

While we may offer discounts, keep in mind that for less than $700, you will learn knowledge and have access to a team that will help you save tens of thousands. Not only this, a good portion of students spend nothing on the course because they take advantage of our referrals program. We pay $200 for each student referred. Not to mention our scholarships that are available to students worldwide.


Student loan debt is a TRILLION-dollar problem. It’s time for a TRILLION-dollar solution. That’s why we made the course and that’s why we give out so much in scholarships annually.  

We want to help as many people as possible. We guarantee students who complete this course will have the knowledge it takes to complete college saving at least $7,000 and/or two years. We gladly stand behind this because the average student saves more than $35,000.

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Thank you for your interest in Rapid Graduates. Our goal is to help people like you get a bachelor’s degree fast and cheap from the same universities you love.

Yes. The scholarship will be sent to YOUR school of choice. Be sure to apply and good luck!

I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Psychology but I recently wanted to teach English. At age 36 with children, I knew it would be impossible to go back to school let alone full time. After a friend recommended this course to me, I was mind blown because there was so much knowledge and support was excellent. I applied everything I learned and got my degree in December in English. I plan on starting teaching in the fall at a middle school. If it weren’t for this course and their help, I wouldn’t be where I am today.