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Who We Are & Our Mission

Rapid Graduates is a educational company dedicated to make college affordable for everyone.

With so many alumni dealing with unbearable student loan debt, making college more affordable for everyone is essential.

We make the whole process as easy and as simple as possible.

You attend any university of your choice. Take our course. Our team helps you graduate quickly while saving tons of money. 

Refer people to the course and you receive $200 per person. No limits.

Sign up for a chance to win the Rapid Graduates Scholarship. No course purchase necessary. Available to everyone.

Once a small team specialized in mentoring high school and community college students, we decided to form Rapid Graduates and make college more affordable for everyone. You can take the course when you like and our team will always be here to help you. With professionals across the country, there is always someone ready to assist.

Regardless of your career goals or aspirations, Rapid Graduates is here to help you succeed.

Rapid Graduates Team
Our solution to end Student Debt Crisis

The Rapid Graduates Difference