We Have a Generous Scholarship Program & We Give Out Scholarships to Students Around the World. Free.

Welcome to our scholarship program where we give everyone an opportunity to win.

What separates us from most scholarship providers?

1. We give no fewer than 60 scholarships each year and guess what? Scholarships are awarded every quarter (3 months).
2. Anyone can apply and this includes international students. There are no restrictions on our scholarships. We believe that everyone should have a chance.
3. Since our drawings are completely random, it’s possible to win more than one time. Scholarship winners can apply in the future.
4. Our awards range from $500 to more than $75,000.

We believe in doing our part to make education as affordable as possible so don’t wait, make sure you apply for the scholarship below, you’ll be glad you did.


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  • Anyone can apply and any money won will be sent to the school of the winner. Anyone can apply regardless of nationality or location. We will work with any university in America and we will work with international students to make sure their scholarship goes to the school of choice.
  • Courses users automatically receive a double entry if they same email when registering for course. We do have system measures that ensure that not all winners are exclusively course applicants. This is to ensure everyone gets a good shot at winning.
  • Scholarship portal is open at all times. Only one submission every quarter is allowed. Any additional submissions will not be considered.
  • Any non-course user who wins any scholarship will automatically get enrolled in the course free of charge. This allows one to refer and earn $200 for each referral.
Our solution to end Student Debt Crisis

Scholarship Award Schedule

Scholarships are divided into 4 quarters.

  • January-March
  • April-June
  • July-September
  • October-December

If you win any scholarship, you will be notified at the beginning of the next period. For example, if you win in December, you will be notified in January.

Frequently Asked Questions

Amounts vary from $500 to more than $75,000.

Here is the breakdown. We select a random number of students each period with no fewer than 15 students being finalists.

81% of winners will receive $500-$750.

15% of winners will receive $5000.

3% of winners will receive $15,000.

1% of winners will receive $50,000-$75,000+

The number of students we select is random and can vary.

It is policy to select no fewer than 15 students each period. With this being said, at least 70 people are guaranteed to win each year.


Each quarter is a new quarter. Your opportunities will be the same as everyone else unless you are a course user. Course users receive double entries.


The only way is to register and pay for the course. This only gives you one extra entry. This is the only way to increase your odds of winning. 

Given these statements, Rapid Graduates works hard to ensure at least half of winners are course users and non-course users. This can vary as our systems are fully automated. Remember that the course is only for students seeking a bachelor’s degree.

No. If a recipient decides to forgo school, the scholarship will automatically be given to someone overseas to promote education.

For example, if a recipient wins $60,000 and decides to not go to school, the full amount will be void and dispatched to a student in need.

We will remain here ready for you when you pick a school so we can send your winnings to your school. If you decide to not go to school, your scholarship will be given to someone overseas. Scholarships are only sent to the schools you specify. Winners will have access to a scholarship portal where they can input all necessary information.


Now keep in mind that you would not be eligible to purchase the course. The course is only for students seeking a bachelor’s degree.

Apply for the scholarship today!

Scholarship Application
Fill out only once quarterly. Timer resets every quarter.
Double check to ensure information is correct. All submissions are final.

Scholarship period is over! This clock will reset within a few days. Congratulations if you were selected!
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